Acoustic Systems Sound Booths

Since 1971, Acoustic Systems has fabricated a wide range of standard and custom screening booths for hearing conservation and mobile testing vehicles. The booths, shipped pre-assembled or as components for on-site assembly, are offered with a range of acoustical performance levels, variations in floor plans and numerous options for industrial, military, educational, governmental and medical applications.

Features & Options

Standard Features:

  • Medical jack panel
  • Acoustical floor
  • Carpeting with cove base trim
  • Acoustically engineered, roof-integrated ventilation system


  • Padded stools
  • Vibration isolation systems

Standard Models

Acoustic Systems' standard models for Hearing Conservation:

  • The RE-120 / RE-121 Single Wall Screening Booth with 2" panels are shipped preassembled, with floor-mounted casters, allowing for quick set up and easy movement.
  • The RE-130 Single Wall Screening Booth with 3" panels provides additional attenuation for testing in areas with inconsistent ambient conditions.
  • The RE-140 / 141 Single Wall Screening Booth with 4" panels are ideal when ambient conditions require increased attenuation or in clinical testing applications.
  • The RE-60 Mini Modular Screening Booth with 2" panels can be assembled and disassembled on site for industrial hearing screening applications and does not require a special vehicle for transporting.
  • Single and Double Wall Group Test Booths are designed to test four to ten personnel and can be customized to fit your mobile applications.
  • The Space Saving Triangular Delta Exam Booth fits in the corner of the office, providing dependable acoustic performance while retaining efficient work space.
  • The MC Multi-Configurable Exam Booths are interchangeable for on-site configuration, layout-flexibility and the freedom to reconfigure if the rooms are later disassembled and relocated.